Understanding the market, what motivates people to ride the way they do and how riders want their bikes to perform is the heart of the ADT process. We are developing bikes that exactly meet the demands of multiple parts of the market. In all categories we want to determine how they can be lighter, stronger, stiffer, more comfortable and faster.
The Avanti Product Development team are continuously evaluating the global market for new trends, desires and opportunities. They also seek selective input from Avanti authorised dealers to determine which new ideas are likely to succeed.

Focus Groups

As part of focusing our business on customers and enhancing our ability to sharpen our design leading edge, Avanti establishes Customer Focus Groups. The idea is to get insights into how customers use our products and services, their needs, their wants and how what we do can be improved - by providing a window to the entire market.


  1. 1. Gain insights for future product development
  2. 2. Test future product ideas
  3. 3. Gain insights into different marketing segments – their behaviours, attitudes, language and the way they use products – to increase our relevance

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Dream what is possible, imagine the uncreated, the answer to the question of how can the level of rider enjoyment be improved or their desire fulfilled. After careful analysis of the market a new bike is born or a new improvement made in the collective minds of the Avanti Product Development team.