Dream what is possible, imagine the uncreated, the answer to the question of how can the level of rider enjoyment be improved or their desire fulfilled.After careful analysis of the market a new bike is born or a new improvement made in the collective minds of the Avanti Product Development team. Ideas are generated, discussed and refined. Some get rejected for not meeting Avanti criteria at this early stage. The winners go to the design desk and on to be created.

Critical to this stage is the input of a carefully selected group of individuals who will make up the Avanti product design and development panel. Whether its triathlon, track, road or mountain, Avanti works with the specialist team to ensure a new bike is developed with superior speed, strength, weight and stiffness characteristics.

We are privileged to have access to elite riders in the Avanti rider stable who vigorously test our bikes enhancing their performance capabilities and then go on to become champions riding the finished products.

To summarise the above the new product definition phase can be simply outlined as follows;

  • All information gathered from the ‘EXPLORE’ phase
  • Project Team is defined (i.e. Design Team, Engineers, Test Riders, Product Manager, etc)
  • Ideas are presented and formalised within the Project Team
  • Design parameters defined (i.e. Test, Performance, & Compliance Standards)
  • The intended performance and characteristics are fully defined

With all the above collected this will give the Product Design Team a clear project brief to proceed to the DESIGN phase.

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The essence of ADT. Consisting of precise calculations, intricate evaluations, leveraging new technologies and applying them in new ways.