Choosing a bike should be based on the best fit for the rider and its intended use. To get the best fit the main factors to consider are frame size, geometry and wheel size.

Frame Geometry

Frame geometry is adjusted with precision to meet the needs of the intended rider and is continually being assessed for fractional but powerful improvements. Biomechanics, aerodynamics, comfort and handling ability are all affected by frame geometry. So it doesn't matter what level you're riding at, it is important to get it right.

Individual frame drawings are made for every Avanti model and every size of every model. This means unique and exclusive Avanti frames specifically designed for individual performance attributes are made for every bike influenced by the ADT philosophy.

Different bike categories have unique frame geometry specifications / requirements, as shown below for on and off road riding.

Wheel Size

Wheel size will influence fit and feel and the overall comfort that the rider experiences. Riders that are smaller in size need a more compact bike to help feel safe and in control. 27.5" wheels allow us to create a bike that is a better match for the rider. The same approach is taken for larger riders who benefit from the stable ride provided by a longer wheelbase and 29" wheels. This means that tall riders get a great handling bike that is a better match to their size.

Our RightFit concept was created to offer frame and wheel size combinations to ensure your Avanti fits you perfectly, no compromise.

Women Specific

To complement our RightFit ideology we have women-specific models within the range. Frame concepts with women-specific geometry are matched with the right components to suit a female riding style and physical differences such as shoulder width and hand size. Look out for the WISE symbol throughout the range to identify a women-specific model for a better fit and more comfortable ride.

On Road Category

When developing a frame within this category the following factors are considered:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Handling
  • Tube angles
  • Sizing for rider fit
  • Wheel bases (distance between axles)
  • Fork offset
  • Ergonomics
  • Ride quality

Off Road Category

When developing a frame within this category the following factors are considered:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Stability for control
  • Pedalling efficiency
  • Wheel base (distance between axles)
  • Head/seat tube angle
  • BB height / ground clearance
  • Stand over height
  • Suspension travel (fork and frame)