Carbon Crash Replacement Programme

Avanti’s Carbon Crash Replacement Programme makes it easy and affordable to replace damaged carbon fibre frames or parts.

Although carbon is arguably the strongest material used in the bicycle industry, it's important to remember that it reacts differently as a result of major impacts compared to aluminium, steel or titanium. Therefore, with a focus on rider safety, Avanti’s Carbon Crash Replacement Programme enables efficient replacement of damaged carbon at your local authorized Avanti Dealer in the event of a crash, collision or general impact.

If you’re riding a carbon frame or using carbon components, or both, we encourage you to check out our Carbon Care & Maintenance Guide to ensure your equipment is safe, sound and ready to be enjoyed at any time.

How the Carbon Crash Replacement Programme works

If you damage your Avanti carbon bicycle or Zero carbon components beyond repair as a result of a crash, collision or general impact, and the damage is a direct result of rider misfortune, you will have the opportunity to purchase a replacement part or parts at 30% discount from the recommended retail price.

The Carbon Crash Replacement Programme applies to the original purchaser only and is valid for a period of 3 years after initial product purchase. You will need to present your purchase receipt to make a claim.

Frames, components and/ or bikes are subject to availability. If a product is unavailable that is an exact match for your damaged part or frame you may be offered the next closest option.

How to make a claim

  1. If you have had a crash or your bike has suffered an impact bring it into your Avanti Authorised Dealer for inspection.
  2. The dealer will examine and evaluate your bike and the need for replacement.
  3. If required the Dealer will complete a claim form on your behalf and will send it to Avanti together with the damaged parts of your bike.
  4. New components will be sent back to the dealer from Avanti for fitting.
  5. Components are replaced and you can collect your bike.

Questions and Answers


Q: What is the definition of a crashed/impacted bike?

A: This is difficult to define because we can’t anticipate everything that might happen to your bike. Crashing it while riding, riding at speed into an object and driving it into the garage on your car rack are examples of what could cause damage to carbon fibre. However, if you have any doubt about the integrity of your carbon fibre Avanti or Zero bike or components, take your bike to an Authorised Avanti dealer for inspection.


Q: How do I know if my frame, fork or component is damaged?

A: Carbon fibre doesn’t always show visible signs of damage. There are three checks you can undertake yourself at home:

How it looks: Check your frame, fork and components for cracks, scratches, gouges, loose fibres or other flaws.

How it sounds: Listen for unusual sounds while you are riding like creaking, cracking or popping.

How it feels: If the feel of the ride has changed it may indicate a problem. Watch for any change in handling, shifting or braking performance.

Despite these three tests if you suspect your carbon is damaged or has suffered a crash or impact, stop riding immediately and take the bike to an authorised Avanti Dealer for inspection. Damaged carbon fibre can fail without warning which may cause serious injury or death. It is better to be safe and have your bike checked by a professional.


Q: My bike gets paint chips and scratches in normal use (no crashes). Are "scratches" really a cause for concern?

A: Paint chips and cracks are usually not a concern but they should be repaired to preserve the integrity of the bike long term. However, we recommend taking the bike to your dealer for inspection.


Q: Will the replacement be an exact match for the original?

A: Where possible we will match the colour and graphics for the current model year and the prior model year. For older bikes, it is a matter of finding the best solution available in consultation with your dealer.


Q: What if I am not the original owner?

A: Unfortunately the programme is only available to the original owner of the bicycle.


Q: Should I replace my bike if it falls over on its own?

A: A minor impact such as the bike tipping over should not cause a problem. However, if you have any doubt, take your bike to a dealer for evaluation.

For more information on the Avanti Carbon Crash Replacement Policy or the Avanti Lifetime Warranty visit your local dealer or go to