ADT Frame Technology

The following features are incorporated on ADT (Avanti Design Technology) developed bikes. All technology assimilated into our bikes is a result of the extensive ADT process in a bid to bring you a faster, stiffer, stronger and better performing bike.

Advanced Carbon construction

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Our highest grade of carbon combined with modular monocoque construction methods offers high stiffness for maximum drive efficiency.


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Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) during the design phase produces a highly optimised carbon-fibre lay-up sequence ensuring the bike is stiff, light and ready for competition

UCI Homologated Frame

UCI approved frame +

The frame carries the mark of the UCI meaning it has been thoroughly checked to ensure it meets the stringent equipment rules and is homologated and approved for use in all UCI sanctioned events.


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The oversize BB shell offers additional torsional stiffness to the frame due to the large contact area between the down tube and the BB shell. Over BB assembly weight is also reduced.

CFD developed tube shapes

CFD developed tube shapes.jpg +

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to develop optimum tube profiles so you can ride faster with less drag.

Universal component capability

Universal component capability.jpg +

Further enhances the usability and versatility of the frame by allowing both mechanical and electronic cabling through the same ports.

Integrated head spacers

Intergrated head spacers.jpg +

Improved aerodynamics and clean integration.

Tapered steering system

Tapered steering system.jpg +

Th head tube is tapered to match the fork's tapered steerer being 1 1/8" at the top and 1.5" at the bottom. This reduces weight and boosts front end stiffness giving superior handling.


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Internal Laminate Optimisation (ILO) ensures the mechanical properties of the frame are consistent across production and all unnecessary weight is removed.

Full carbon BB shell

Full carbon BB shell.jpg +

Provides a much stiffer and lighter BB unit when compared to a bonded in alloy BB.


IQ.jpg +

Integrated Quick release (IQ) helps to reduce the airflow disruption and provide a cleaner look with real function.

Integrated hanger

Intergrated hanger.jpg +

The rear hanger acts as a shifter cable stop, Di2 cable entry hole and also the rear derailleur hanger saving weight and reducing complexity.

MTB VRS seat stays

VRS seat stays.jpg +

The carbon Vibration Reduction Stays (VRS) are shaped and optimised to provide integrated vibration absorption to reduce stress on the rider by softening the ride without sacrificing efficiency.

7005 Ultra Lite Butted Aluminium

7005 Ultra Lite Butted Aluminium +

A more responsive, lighter and stiffer frame is better for all of us.

6061 Aluminium Alloy

6061 Aluminium Alloy +

A more responsive, lighter and stiffer frame is better for all of us.

Optimised BB shell

OptimisedBBshell +

Provides a stiffer and lighter BB unit

CR6 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon

CR6 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon +

ADT Level 6 carbon with C40 unidirectional finish.

CR5 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon

CR5 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon +

ADT Level 5 carbon with C40 unidirectional finish.

CR4 Modular Monocoque C40/C30 carbon

CR4 Modular Monocoque C40C30 carbon +

ADT Level 4 carbon with C40/C30 unidirectional finish.

CR3 Modular Monocoque C24/C30 carbon

CR3 Modular Monocoque C24C30 carbon +

ADT Level 3 carbon with C24/C30 unidirectional finish.

CM3 Modular Monocoque C24/C30 carbon

CM3 Modular Monocoque C24C30 carbon +

ADT Level 3 mountain bike carbon with C24/C30 unidirectional finish.

Internal cable system

Internal cable system.jpg +

Guiding the cables through the frame not only looks neat but aids aerodynamics by keeping them out of the wind.


MODS.jpg +

Maximum Output Differential Stays (MODS) add strength and stiffness where required without adding extra weight. The drive-side chain stay is larger than its counterpart on the left at the widest point to deal with the extra stresses.

TRULINK Integrated rocker linkage

Intergrated rocker linkage +

Our one piece integrated rocker, TruLink, is designed to keep the seat stays true and rigid under even the highest side-loads providing responsive and accurate handling over the roughest terrain.

True 4-Bar Independent Suspension

Tru 4-Bar Independent Suspension.jpg +

TRU4 operates independent of rider effects allowing for optimum pedalling efficiency. The most supple of suspension systems provides the most fluid of rides.