ADT Frame Technology

The following features are incorporated on ADT (Avanti Design Technology) developed bikes. All technology assimilated into our bikes is a result of the extensive ADT process in a bid to bring you a faster, stiffer, stronger and better performing bike.

7005 Ultra Lite Butted Aluminium

7005 Ultra Lite Butted Aluminium +

A more responsive, lighter and stiffer frame is better for all of us.

6061 Aluminium Alloy

6061 Aluminium Alloy +

A more responsive, lighter and stiffer frame is better for all of us.

CM5 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon

CM5 Modular Monocoque C40 carbon +

ADT Level 5 mountain bike carbon with C40 unidirectional finish.

Internal cable system

Internal cable system.jpg +

Guiding the cables through the frame not only looks neat but aids aerodynamics by keeping them out of the wind.


MODS.jpg +

Maximum Output Differential Stays (MODS) add strength and stiffness where required without adding extra weight. The drive-side chain stay is larger than its counterpart on the left at the widest point to deal with the extra stresses.

Asymmetric chain stays

Asymmetric seat stays.jpg +

Reduced weight and optimised stiffness is achieved by reducing weight where it isn't needed and ensures a lightweight and responsive ride.

Tapered head tube

Taperedheadtube +

Precise steering means the bike goes where you want it to, when you want it to. The tapered head tube uses a larger bearing at the fork crown.

Optimised leverage rate

Optimised leverage rate +

The ADT team work closely with leading shock manufacturers to tune in great small bump compliance, more perceived travel and good bottom out protection.

Quality hardware

Quality hardware.jpg +

Spend more time with your bike on the trails than in the workshop. 7075 alloy hardware on all pivots and high spec models benefit from Enduro Max bearings.

Oversize Down Tube

Oversize Down Tube.jpg +

Providing a stiff and responsive ride down the trail.

Trucore Bottom Bracket

Trucore Bottom Bracket.jpg +

Integrating the main suspension pivot and bottom bracket in a single forged part ensures precise assembly and strength. Be safe in the knowledge that your Avanti has been optimised for strength where it matters.

Direct Mount Brake

Direct Mount Brake.jpg +

Reduced weight and better braking means you can have full faith in your brakes when you need them most.

Road VRS seat stays

VRS seats stays.jpg +

The carbon Vibration Reduction Stays (VRS) are shaped and optimised to provide integrated vibration absorption without sacrificing efficiency.

Post mount brake

Post mount brake.jpg +

Solid interface provides positive brake performance. Features replaceable thread inserts.

Syntace X12

Syntace X12.jpg +

The combination of 142mm hub spacing and the Syntace X12 system keeps the rear triangle stiff and true so your bike track well into and out of the roughest corners

High direct mount derailleur

High direct mount derailleur.jpg +

No compromise in suspension performance equates to an optimised ride.


ISCG 05.jpg +

Adding a chainguide couldn't be simpler or more secure.

Custom hydro-formed and air-formed tubes

Custom hydro-formed and air-formed tubes.jpg +

Complex profiles can be formed so there is no compromise in frame strength and stiffness, all without excess weight. Less flex means a more responsive ride and increased performance.

Custom formed tubes

Custom formed tubes.jpg +

A more responsive, lighter and stiffer frame is better for all of us.