3rd at Ironman 70.3 Cobra Philippines - Well it was another tough race here in Cebu, Philippines.

This is my 6th time back to race and it's incredible how this event has grown in those years from 400 in the first year to 2500 athletes this year and another 500 people on the waiting list. Unfortunately I arrived with no bike as it missed my connections, My bike finally arrived at 9pm the night before the race, not ideal but that's travelling with a bike and I was grateful I had it and didn't have to borrow one.

Race morning dawned hot and humid with the mercury already at 27°c at 6:30am! Luckily we were already in the water and on our way. I was out of the water in 6th place trying to catch the leading group of four but I wasn't feeling to flash on the bike, I didn't have any power and ended up loosing more time to Canadian Brent McMahon and Aussies Casey Munro and Sam Betten. I was hoping to feel a little better on the run and gain some time back but that just didn't happen, it's tough coming from a New Zealand winter with temps around 14-15°c and then trying to run in 35°c! My last few kilometres were survival and there was the occasional walk through the aid stations to try and get my body temperature down by throwing buckets of cold water over my head! I was happy to finish 3rd and on the podium but a long way down.

Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines

1st Brent McMahon 3:59:05

2nd Sam Betten 4:07:30

3rd Cameron Brown 4:15:44