Kids Geared Bikes

So they’ve outgrown training wheels and can balance their bike – that mean’s it’s time to learn gears and take the adventure further. Reliable and easy-to-use Shimano twist style shifters mean they’ll pick up the art of finding the perfect gear, as easy as 1-2-3! Now go!


Our alloy frames, hubs and rims are lightweight so its easy to get your bike going and keep it in control.


Changing gears is made easy with Shimano shifters and quality componentry.


Our bikes are reliable and designed to last.

Ready to expand your horizons?

Bikes in this series

Hammer S24 Kids' Bike

If you're looking for a super high quality, long travel dually for the young 'pinner', look no further. The Hammer S24 brings the build quality of our German-engineered Hammer adult range, down to the 24" wheel size for little grommets! With quality air-tuneable suspension front and rear offering 160mm of plush travel, a 1-by drive train with proper chain guide and hydraulic disc brakes that are designed specifically for kids' smaller hands, they only thing left to do is pump up those beefy 2.4" Kenda tyres and set them loose on the trail ... read more

Hammer S24 Blue 3

Montari Jnr 24" Kids' Bike

The Montari Jnr is a shrunk down version of our Montari adults MTB. It's the go-to model for parents who want to get their kids off road at an early age. Not only does it feature a light alloy frame and alloy suspension fork, it's got a proper 1x8 drivetrain and chain guide, and hydraulic disc brakes for real off road control. Big bag tyres make sure they have all the grip they need to roll over any trail obstacle and keep their tyres planted in the dirt. ... read more

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