It’s more than just a name. - At Avanti we’re in a phase of constant innovation.

Pushing the boundaries to make our bikes what you want them to be; lighter, stiffer and more agile. To be more comfortable, easier to control, and easier to handle. To help you ride faster, be quicker in the attack, and to aid your endurance on the straights. To encourage you to take on steeper climbs, and to charge down bigger descends. To give you confidence to test yourself. To really be a part of the ride, to be in it for longer and to get more out of it. From the tarmac and stony paths, to the soil and the clay.

Your Avanti has been designed with you in mind, to not only exceed your expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.  It’s been designed for you to break free on your bike, however and whenever you choose to.

This is what the Avanti brand stands for. It’s how we want you to feel when you see the Avanti logo on the side of your bike. That’s why, for the first time in over 20 years, we’ve refreshed our Avanti logotype.

Our new logotype draws upon design cues of past Avanti logos, from the 80's right through to present day. It reflects our position as an innovating brand, while projecting our history and preserving our brand credibility and loyal following.

We’ve paired our new logotype with the existing Avanti brand mark Falcon, introduced last season, as the visual symbol of our values and passion for bike riding, supported with our brand statement ‘Break Free’. The Falcon encapsulates a sense of free spirit - right from our professional team, Avanti Isowhey Sports attacking the line, through to kids finding freedom on their very first Avanti.

We’re excited about what the future holds and we hope you like where we’re heading.

Look out for the new Avanti logo on this season’s adult Avanti bikes.