We’re looking pretty sprightly for a world class cycling business of this vintage.

From the humblest of beginnings, we’ve pioneered and innovated cycling. Asking questions about how and why bikes are built and work, then looking at ways of doing them better. Bike design is constantly improving, with new technologies, componentry and materials appearing on the market every year - the sheer responsiveness of our design team means we are always innovating and pushing the boundaries, making sure we stay out in front. We proudly call this approach ‘Avanti Design Technology’. It’s what the ADT insignia means, it’s what has given us the edge and it’s the reason why we’ve achieved multiple design awards, Olympic medals and, more importantly, a loyal following of bike riders along the way.

We’re proud to be an Australasian based business that creates bikes with the rider’s purpose and enjoyment in mind, to not only exceed expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.

We’re part of our community, helping to achieve a better quality and healthier life. Cyclists trust and enjoy the experience of breaking free on their Avanti bikes, whenever and wherever they want to.

We don’t just do it. We live it. The Avanti team come to work each day believing in the brand - even riding it into work! Over the years we have built up a range of bikes for the whole family, designed to be ridden on our roads and tracks, that are reliable, trustworthy, exhilarating.....and fun!

We want cyclists of all ages to learn about and grow the same passion that we have. It’s a great feeling being out on a bike whether going from home to work, round to a friend’s place, down to the local supermarket, through the forest or finishing that 100km ride with mates.

Our purpose has been the same since our early days back in 1985.

To create bikes with the rider’s purpose and enjoyment in mind, to not only exceed expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.

The bike industry is an ever-changing beast. Innovation, safety, parts and materials are not unique selling points; they are expected and demanded from discerning loyal followers and potential Avanti purchasers like you.

We understand this so our tight knit, passionate design team is constantly innovating, and doing so faster than the others. We can zig while the other bike brands are zagging. All the time striving for the best performance and the best possible value for money.

While we continue to grow, with an exciting future and new bikes to introduce, our down-to-earth attitude and entrepreneurial spirit has never changed. We trust in it and that has served us well up to now - “if it isn’t broke......”

Our independently run status and capacity to constantly evolve, adapt and evaluate our own work practices to better serve our customers makes us an eternal start-up. A proud challenger brand, regardless of how much we grow.

The Avanti brand mark (head badge) is the visualembodiment of our values, philosophies and passion for bike riding. As such it takes pride of place on all ofour bikes. From our professional team, our sponsoredriders, the weekend warriors, the commuters, the mud loving off-roaders, to the kids on their very first Avanti. The brand mark remains consistent.