Tough day for Brown in Cairns - I never enjoy sending out emails when I have DNF'd a race, apart from feeling sorry for myself I just want to get out and start training like a mad man again.

I had been slightly sick during the week and had Tuesday and Wednesday totally off to try and recover. I thought I was ok but when your out racing an Ironman against some of the best athletes in the world and your slightly off colour then you quickly find out where you stand! I got to 170km on the bike and I could hardly push the pedals over and was struggling to get over 30km/hr over those final few kilometers.
I got off the bike absolutely exhausted and tried to run but within the first 2km I knew I wouldn't be finishing today, if I did I would have ended up passing out and ruined myself for weeks. I pulled out and slowly walked back to T2 and then caught the bus back to Cairns, not a nice feeling. I now have Challenge Roth in 5 weeks time and I really want to do well there, I'll be trying to stay healthy and free of any sickness in my next phase of training.