Test bikes on the demotour - Thedemotour.com is here and we invite you to come along and test ride the latest and greatest bikes from Avanti.

The www.thedemotour.com trailers are loaded with a selection of bikes prepped to hit both the tarmac and the trails alike - and the best news is, it's FREE.

The trailers are packed with road bikes and mountain bikes respectively and working their way up, down and around both Australia and New Zealand stopping off at various towns, stores and riding locations so you can get out there and ride our bikes.  This is your opportunity to get to grips with either a model you've had your eye on or just been aching to try out.

Interested?  Of course you are. All the information pertaining to the tour can be found at the dedicated website: www.thedemotour.com

If you have any question about the bikes, locations, timings, what you need to bring or anything else you can have a browse through www.the demotour.com FAQ sections, ask a question through the blog or contact the person/shop identified as the contact for the event in your area.

Dates are always being updates so keep a keen eye out for the trailers in your area and ... we'll see you out there!