Georgina Wilson heads to America - After some tough months training in the cold, damp and disgusting weather of the NZ winter and battling a couple of mystery cysts in my leg I have now set foot into the American summer in Kutztown PA.

Georgina Wilson's Bike 2012

Travelling here was pretty easy compared to last year with only two flights 12hrs and 6hrs then a 2 hour drive from Newark airport to our new home. Cassie and I got to Kutztown at about 3.30am local time without bikes but luckily they arrived on the next flight that Alysha, Racquel and John were on so it wasn't to much of a drama. All 5 of us endurance girls are staying in the same apartment and are now living the cyclists flatting life. Today was a 'cold' day getting up to 32degrees ish .... so not looking forward to the hot days!

Today we went for a ride for about an hour around the area to get our legs moving. Riding on the right side of the road is always a challenge but haven't had any close calls yet and hoping to avoid them.

Looking foward to getting into some good training in this amazing area's weather and see what can be done to the fitness in the next few weeks!

Georgina Wilson