Tour de Beauce 2012 Wrap Up - Taylor Gunman was BikeNZ PureBlack Racing’s stand out rider in the 6th stage of le Tour de Beauce today.

Tour de Beauce PureBlack Racing

Stage Six is notorious for being a stage with a high attrition rate, and today was no different - 29 of the 85 starters, including three BikeNZ PureBlack Racing, did not finish the 125km stage.

Taylor and Michael Torckler were the two finishers for BikeNZ PureBlack Racing finishing 16th and 33rd place respectively, with a time of 3:06:19, just 21 seconds behind the stage winner, Canadian Bruno Langlais (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose team).

“It was a really challenging day,” said Taylor, “there was an incredible climb within the first 500m and the first three laps were just a fight to keep up.”

“Taylor has been the find of the team this tour,” said Director Sportif, John “Harry” Harris, “he is a real gem and each day he has executed instructions to the word.”

“It has been really good to have come from Ireland and I feel I have been able to contribute a lot to the team, even though the level of racing has really increased,” said Taylor.

Michael finished in the top 20 overall, with Taylor coming in at 38th, an impressive result considering the field of cyclists in the tour.

Rory Sutherland from United HealthCare Pro Cycling team took out his second tour victory of the year, winning le Tour de Beauce.

This has been a demanding tour on the team, having covered 766km over six days.

“It has not been the best tour for us, it was harder than we envisioned and there are some things we need to adjust as a team,” said Harry.

Despite the way this tour turned out for BikeNZ PureBlack Racing, Harry believes the team will take home a lot to think about from this tour and he hopes to bring them back again next year where he expects they will be stronger still.

“The Tour de Beauce is invaluable to the boys, the need to race these hard roads and against high standard of riders that have raced over the past six days.”

“This has been a real leveling tour for the team,” Harry explains, “it has been great in the sense that it teaches the boys the reality of the sport and what they need to do to become fulltime professional cyclists.”

PureBlack Racing now have a two week break before the CHIN Picnic Criterium in Toronto.

“We are all pretty tired after the past six days of racing, we definitely need some rest before the next races,” said Taylor, “the rest of the racing is going to be really fun.”

Following the CHIN Picnic Criterium is the Tour de Delta - a race Taylor and team mate Roman van Uden raced together in 2010.

“I am really looking forward to going back to the Tour de Delta with Roman, it will be lots of fun,” said Taylor.