Canada day turned black - Canada Day has turned black for Canadian cyclists with PureBlack Racing took out first, second and third at the CHIN Picnic Criterium.

Pure Black Racing

James “Jimmy” Williamson, Roman van Uden and Taylor Gunman rode a powerful race to win the annual criterium, which is a highlight of the Canada Day celebrations.

“It was a really fun little criterium around a park in downtown Toronto,” said Jimmy, “ but I don’t think the Canadians are too happy about the results.”

Jimmy and Roman spent the 40 laps (roughly 60km) up the front after making a breakaway after the first sprint and managing to hold off the peloton for the remaining 39 laps.

“It was a points race, Taylor managed to get some points and hold off everyone else to get third” said Jimmy, “it was pretty hard being out in the front the whole time but it was really cool.”

This was a great result considering the past couple of days the team has had after hearing about Michael Torckler’s accident.

“We were all so shocked, it is hard to deal with news like that so it was a pretty rough night,” said Jimmy, “but it is so good to hear that he is recovering and doing a lot better.”

PureBlack Racing now head to Vancouver on Wednesday for BC Superweek.

“We are really looking forward to next week, we have had a relaxing past couple of weeks training in some really nice weather and we are ready to get back into racing again,” said Jimmy.

BC Superweek kicks off with the Tour de Delta on Thursday in Vancouver (Friday morning NZT).

Update on Michael Torckler: Michael Torckler’s parents have arrived in California to be a Michael’s side while he recovers from a hit and run on Saturday. He has since woken up and upon having his tube removed has been able to speak. Michael will require surgery over the next couple of days. Local papers have reported that the driver of the car has been arrested after his housemate gave him up to police.