Cam Reports on Challenge Roth - The day started well at Challenge Roth, beautiful clear skies, cool temps and no wind to start with.

I had a good swim to exit in the main bunch and rode with them until 100km when the bunch fell apart over the final stages. The spectators in Roth are just incredible! the solar berg hill was amazing, there must have been 20,000 people on a hill 300m long and over 200,000 people watching around the course throughout the day.
I was off the bike in 5th and hoping to get on the podium but at 15km my Plantar Fasciitis blew and I was forced to walk nearly the entire marathon from there on. I tried to run but my hips were so tight as I was forced to run awkwardly because of my foot. I ended up running/walking a 4:17hr marathon through lots of pain and lots of swearing in my head. I was determined to finish today and get through as Challenge Roth is an incredible event. Glad to be flying back home on Tuesday to my lovely understanding wife and boys. Hoping my foot will be fine over the next few days.