Pista Track Bike

The Pista is light, strong, efficient and optimised for one job; to turn your power output into fast forward motion. The Pista has a host of world championship wins and Olympic medals to it's credit, but even if you're just starting out, it's the bike to choose. The simple but crafted design is ready for you to master.


The Ultralite alloy of the Pista ensures a robust, yet lightweight platform, meaning this bike serves up even more speed.

Efficient Power Transfer

Propel off the start line, or accelerate with power - the stiffness of the frame platform will deliver all your effort to the rear wheel. No energy-sapping flex here. All your expended energy is used to produce fast, forward momentum.

Race Geometry

The aggressive, tight geometry is exactly what you need on the track for precise and controlled handling in tricky situations.

Victory on the velodrome starts here on the Pista Track Bike