The Torrent series are trail-whipping performance machines. Widely ridden and positively reviewed, these bikes are sell-out. Test ride a Torrent and see why.

Lightweight, durable frame

Our strong front triangle is enginered to resist flex and hold together under the harshiest terrain. An internal bladder system, ILO, ensures that the inner surfaces are optimised to reduce weight and resin build-up.

True 4-Bar suspension

The Tru4 4-bar mechanism positions the rear axle on the isolated seat stay. This optimises the “virtual pivot point” so the suspension system operates efficiently and independently of rider effects.

Flex Free

The key to an accurate handling and flex-free suspension frame is by linking together all components of the rear triangle as firmly as possible. Avanti's one piece integrated rocker link, TruLink, combines with the Syntace X-12 thru-axle system, is designed to do just that. Quick, easy wheel fitting and better handling from a frame that won't twist.

Go play with gravity.